Summer 2019: 7 fashion questions to the Singaporean influencer


Brilliant smiles, joyful looks, inspiring style and lifestyle … Camille is one of the coolest influencers of the moment on Instagram. She answers our questions.

Today, Instagram is full of fashion influencers. Passionate about vintage, overflowing creativity or simply sports fans, influential girls in the most popular social network of recent years are very numerous and have profiles that can sometimes (a bit too) be alike. With the algorithm of Instagram that changes regularly, it is sometimes difficult to find a place in this coveted universe … so, we must advise, and differentiate. Camille, she has understood the issues, and now belongs to this group of inspirational Singaporean that we love to follow daily.

This Singaporean with a cool style and a good sense of humor denotes thanks to her creativity, her joie de vivre and her naturalness. So it’s not for nothing if his Instagram account counts so many subscribers and curious around the world. Illustrator and artistic director, she accepts to answer our fashion questions, for a maintenance solar, animated and without language of wood. After all, sincerity, is not all we need in our hyper-connected society?

1- Three fashion essentials that never leave your beach bag?

Denim shorts (usually the result of jeans cut off when I realize at D-1 holiday that I have more) basic but we do not get tired. The swimsuit one piece, hyper colored that is also used in body, and the midi dress with its super thin straps, super light.

2- Which outfit do you prefer to wear this summer?

My dress Red silk very thin straps precisely. I love it, I never leave it!

3- The most fashionable Instagram account you love to follow?

Hyper boat but Jennifer Lopez. I have the impression that it’s summer all year long on his Instagram and I see a lot of humor, it’s a “feel-good” account.

4- A trend of summer 2019 that you adore … but that you will never dare to adopt?

The puff sleeves, I love it on others, but I feel like a mountebank when it’s on me …

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